Volume 48 Issue 1 - 2014

 Measurement of thirst in chronic heart failure - a review
Sabine M Allida, Sally C Inglis, Patricia M Davidson, Christopher S Hayward, Phillip J Newton
 Development and evaluation of a screening tool to identify people with diabetes at increased risk of medication problems relating to hypoglycaemia and medication non-adherence
Kate Claydon-Platt, Elizabeth Manias, Trisha Dunning
 The patient experience of a peripherally inserted central catheter (picc): a qualitative descriptive study
Andrea Fielder, Rebecca Sharp, Carol Grech, Antonina Mikocka-Walus, Melita Cummings, Adrian Esterman
 Developing the Australasian Hepatology Associationís consensus-based guidelines for the nursing care of patients with liver disease
Jacqueline Richmond, Emily Wheeler, Sherryne Warner, Susan Mason
 Opinion piece: Coming soon, to a pharmacy near you
Todd J L Lesko
 Qualitative exploration of the perceived barriers and enablers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people accessing healthcare through one Victorian Emergency Department
Rose Chapman, Tammy Smith, Catherine Ann Martin
 An Aboriginal nurse-led working model for success in graduating Indigenous Australian nurses
Odette Best, Lynne Stuart
 Expanding worldview: Australian nursing studentsí experience of cultural immersion in India
Loretta Charles, Hendrika J Maltby, Sarah Abrams, Jeanne Shea, Gabrielle Brand, Pamela Nicol
 The influence of tai chi and yoga on balance and falls in a residential care setting: a randomised controlled trial
Padmapriya Saravanakumar, Isabel Johanna Higgins, Pamela Jane Van Der Riet, Jodie Marquez, David Sibbritt
 Nursesí and physiciansí perceptions of older people and attitudes towards older people: Ageism in a hospital in Turkey
‹lkŁ Polat, Ayişe Karadağ, Zekeriya ‹lger, Nevra Demir
 Identifying benefits and barriers to respite for carers of children with complex health needs: A qualitative study
Robyn Welsh, Susan Dyer, David Evans, Jennifer Fereday
 The nursesí form of organizational communication: What is the role of gossip?
Serap Altuntaş, ÷zlem Şahin Altun, Rahşan «evik Akyil
 Small group learning: graduate health studentsí views of challenges and benefits
Debra Jackson, Louise D Hickman, Tamara Power, Rebecca Disler, Ingrid Potgieter, Hiba Deek, Patricia M Davidson

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