Volume 42 Issue 1 - 2012

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002-010 Prevalence of bullying at work and its association with self-esteem scores in a Spanish nurse sample
Marta Elena Losa Iglesias, Ricardo Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo
011-019 Assertiveness levels of nursing students who experience verbal violence during practical training
Satı Ünal, Filiz Hisar, Ülkü Görgülü
020-027 New graduate nurses' experiences of interactions in the critical care unit
Farida Saghafi, Jennifer Hardy, Sharon Hillege
028-035 Perceptions of key influences on effective pre-dialysis nursing care
Rachael Walker, Sally Abel, Alannah Meyer
036-044 An analysis of the satisfaction levels of nursing and midwifery students in a health college in Turkey
Filiz Kantek, Gonca Kazancı
045-052 Using children's picture books for reflective learning in nursing education
Josephine Mary Crawley, Liz Mary Ditzel, Sue Walton
053-066 Decision-making processes for the self-management of persistent pain: A grounded theory study
Clare Fenwick, Wendy Chaboyer, Winsome St John
067-075 Spanning boundaries and creating strong patient relationships to coordinate care are strategies used by experienced chronic condition care coordinators
Carolyn Ehrlich, Elizabeth Kendall, Heidi Muenchberger
076-089 Building positive relationships in healthcare: Evaluation of the Teams of Interprofessional Staff interprofessional education program
Irmajean Bajnok, Derek Puddester, Colla J MacDonald, Doug Archibald
090-096 Practice protocol: Transition to community nursing practice revisited
Irene Ellis, Keri Chater
097-104 Undergraduate nursing students' placement in speciality clinical areas: Understanding the concerns of the student and registered nurse
Elisabeth Coyne, Judith Needham
105-106 Opinion Piece: A 'good enough death' in the emergency department – It is possible
Emily Molan
107-117 The experiences of remote and rural Aboriginal Health Workers and Registered Nurses who undertook a postgraduate diabetes course to improve the health of Indigenous Australians
Meri King, Lindy King, Eileen Willis, Rebecca Munt, Frith Semmens
118-128 Nurse-led empowerment strategies for hypertensive patients with metabolic syndrome
Ae Kyung Chang, Cynthia Fritschi, Mi Ja Kim
129-138 Comparing written and oral approaches to clinical reporting in nursing
Diana Jefferies, Maree Johnson, Daniel Nicholls

Book Reviews

139-140 Epidemiology
Petra Buttner and Reinhold Muller
Reviewed by Tom Laws

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