Volume 38 Issue 1-2 - 2011

Advances in Contemporary Nurse Education (2nd edn)

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203-203 Dedication: Vale Tom Mason
Debra Jackson, Roger Watson
003-005 Editorial: Workplace learning: A continuing concern in nurse education
Debra Jackson, Roger Watson
006-017 Steps towards empowerment: An examination of colleges, health services and universities
Margaret McAllister, Leonie Mosel Williams, Tara Gamble, Kris Malko-Nyhan, Christian Jones
018-023 Knowledge and positions on bioethical dilemmas in a sample of Spanish nursing students: A questionnaire study
Marta Elena Losa Iglesias, Ricardo Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, Domingo Palacios Ceña, Paloma Salvadores Fuentes
024-034 Factors associated with learning outcome of BSN in a blended learning environment
Li-Ling Hsu, Suh-Ing Hsieh
035-044 Burden versus benefit: Continuing nurse academics' experiences of working with sessional teachers
Kathleen Peters, Debra Jackson, Sharon Andrew, Elizabeth J Halcomb, Yenna Salamonson
045-055 Factors impacting on career progression for nurse executives
Phyllis Moran, Christine Duffield, Judith Donoghue, Helen Stasa, Nicole Blay
056-058 Editorial: Developing the health workforce: What constitutes clinical education?
Wendy M Cross
059-075 Retention of Indigenous nursing students in New Zealand: A cross-sectional survey
Denise Wilson, Caroline McKinney, Mereana Rapata-Hanning
076-083 Undergraduate midwifery students' first experiences with stillbirth and neonatal death
Lisa G McKenna, Colleen Rolls
084-093 Linguistic diversity as sociodemographic predictor of nursing program progression and completion
Yenna Salamonson, Sharon Andrew, Jennifer Clauson, Michelle Cleary, Debra Jackson, Sharon Jacobs
094-105 Enhancing preparation of undergraduate students for practice in older adult settings
Jill Clendon
106-118 Mature age students access, entry and success in nurse education: An action research study
Amanda Kenny, Tracy Kidd, Katrina Nankervis, Sarah Connell
119-121 Editorial: Legitimation code theory: A new lens through which to view our academic practice
Martin S McNamara, Gerard M Fealy
122-129 Using an interdisciplinary partnership to develop nursing students' information literacy skills: An evaluation
Beverley J Turnbull, Bernadette Royal, Margaret Purnell
130-138 Evaluating an academic writing program for nursing students who have English as a second language
Roslyn Weaver, Debra Jackson
139-147 Concerns among first year midwifery students: Towards addressing attrition rates
Mary C Carolan, Gina B Kruger
148-150 Editorial: Are we failing to prepare nurses in the UK and Australia to practice by the codes of conduct?
Sharon Andrew
151-159 Doctorates and nurses
Roger Watson, David R Thompson, Eliane Amella
160-170 Determining frameworks for interprofessional education and core competencies through collaborative consultancy: The CARE experience
Jane Conway, Penny Little, Margaret McMillan AM, Mary FitzGerald
171-179 Practical advice to support mid-career doctoral students in nursing: Some considerations for academic supervisors
Debra Jackson, Michelle Cleary
180-190 Evaluation of a critical care simulation series for undergraduate nursing students
Jonathan Mould, Haidee White, Robyn Gallagher
191-200 The transition experience of Enrolled Nurses to a Bachelor of Nursing at an Australian University
Lisa Hutchinson, Creina Mitchell, Winsome St John
201-203 Editorial: Preparing health professionals for community-based practice: Some issues for consideration
Debra Jackson, Deborah C Saltman AM

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