Volume 35 Issue 2 - 2010

Advances in Contemporary Modeling of Clinical Nursing Care

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131-132 Foreword
Mary Chiarella, Vicki Parker, Karen Patterson
133-135 Guest editorial: Advances in contemporary modelling of clinical nursing care
Judith Lathlean
136-146 The 'difficult' nurse-patient relationship: Development and evaluation of an e-learning package
Scott Brunero, Scott Lamont
147-156 Clinicians' experiences of participating in an action research study
Pui Ling (Iris) Li, Leanne Bashford, Greg Schwager, Rhonda Spain, Helen Ryan, Melissa Oakman, Joanne Firth, Mathew Lockyer, Debbie Harper, Isabel Johanna Higgins
157-170 Beyond 'doing': Supporting clinical leadership and nursing practice in aged care through innovative models of care
Lorraine Venturato, Liz Drew
171-181 Doing clinical research: The challenges and benefits
Isabel Johanna Higgins, Vicki Parker, Diana Keatinge, Michelle Giles, Rhonda Winskill, Eileen Guest, Elizabeth Kepreotes, Caroline Phelan
182-187 Exemplar: Our shared experience of implementing action learning sets in an acute clinical nursing setting: Approach taken and lessons learned
Ketty Rivas, Suzanne Murray
188-201 Plotting care: A modelling technique for visioning nursing practice in current and future contexts
Cheryle Moss, Ken Walsh, Jacquie Mitchell
202-220 Changing model of nursing care from individual patient allocation to team nursing in the acute inpatient environment
Greg Fairbrother, Aaron Jones, Ketty Rivas
221-233 An innovative approach to targeting pain in older people in the acute care setting
Caroline Phelan, Isabel Johanna Higgins, Peter Summons, Jeanene Douglas, Pauline M Dobson, Fiona Hodson
234-244 Improving the safety and efficacy of warfarin therapy in a metropolitan private hospital: A multidisciplinary practice improvement project
Jed Duff, Kim Walker
245-253 Clinical supervision of general nurses in a busy medical ward of a teaching hospital
Wendy M Cross, Alan Moore, Sherene Ockerby
254-264 Engaging clinicians in evidence based policy development: The case of nursing documentation
Diana Jefferies, Maree Johnson, Rhonda D Griffiths AM, Kathy Arthurs, David Beard, Tanghua Chen, Maureen Edgetton-Winn, Tony Hecimovic, Margaret Hughes, Karen Linten, Julie Maddox, Damien McCaul, Kim Robson, Shelley Scott, Tina Zarkos

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